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FAQs about storing vehicles

It is possible to store your motorbike or car at some Shurgard locations.

Below are the frequently asked questions about vehicle units and storing motorbikes and cars at Shurgard.

Yes. Various Shurgard locations offer the possibility of storing your car in a safe and dry storage unit.

Store your car at Shurgard if:

  • You have a second car which you don’t use often or
  • You are going abroad for a while and want to leave your car behind without any concerns, or
  • You want to keep your classic car safe, dry and frost-free in storage.

Contact a Shurgard location near you to discuss the possibilities.

Yes. At some Shurgard locations you can store your motorbike in a special motorbike storage unit. It's perfect if you are looking for a safe place for your motorbike during the winter months, for example.

For more information about a motorbike storage, contact a Shurgard location near you.

Yes. Our special motorbike storage units have an electricity supply so that you can use a trickle charger, for example, to charge your motorbike battery.

If you store your motorbike at Shurgard for the winter it is advisable to charge it every couple of weeks so that your battery remains in tip-top condition.

Yes, of course! The storage units at Shurgard are perfect for storing seasonal items such as winter or summer tyres.

If you only want to store four tyres, then rent a 10 sq ft locker. Most sets of tyres will fit in this size unit.

To see what fits in other storage units, try our size estimator

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