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Change storage unit when your needs change

Maybe you want to gradually move some of your furniture back into your newly decorated home. Or perhaps it’s the peak time for your business and you’ll need more space for extra merchandise.

Whatever the reason, moving unit is no problem because we understand that people’s needs change.

No fees for changing unit

Moving to a bigger or smaller storage unit is free.

  • You only pay the rental difference if the new unit is more expensive.
  • If your new unit is cheaper you will be credited for the rental difference with the old unit.

Change unit at any time

You can move your belongings to a new unit at any time – either after you’ve reserved it or even after you’ve moved in. Just talk to the manager at your Shurgard location. They’ll advise you on what size or type of unit would suit you better and help you reserve your new unit.

Top tips for changing unit

First, make a list of all the items you want to transfer. Then ask yourself:

  • Do you need a bigger or smaller unit? To help you decide, use our storage size calculator
  • How often will you need access to your belongings? If your access needs change, you may want to change Shurgard location – to somewhere nearer for more access or to somewhere further away, if you need less. To find out where our locations are, see our list of Shurgard locations.

Ready to book your storage unit? Some units are £1 for the first month*

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