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My unit is so clean and bright I feel positive about going there

For Vivien Lee, her unit gives her space for her creative materials and online underwear business. Here is what Vivien says about using a Shurgard storage unit:

“As an artist and entrepreneur I’ve been a user of self-storage for a long time.

“I use my unit to store my art materials for my collages. I also sell Spanish underwear online and so I need somewhere to store that. I also have some vintage fabrics that I plan to make into children’s clothes.

“I was with a rival company before but their store was so noisy, dirty and scruffy, I got fed up with it. I found that I was procrastinating about going to the unit or getting on with my businesses because it was so dispiriting going there. After a visit to their store, my creativity was completely blocked.

“So I began shopping around and that’s when I discovered Shurgard. The moment I stepped into reception at the Gypsy Corner store, I was warmly greeted and shown round several units.

Customer service is taken to the max at Shurgard. All the units I was shown were clean and looked after. And it always seems very organised whenever I go there.

“You’ve got to feel relaxed when you’re going somewhere 3-4 times a week, and now that I’ve switched to Shurgard, I do. The place gives me a nice vibe and makes me feel like making a collage, painting or sewing.

“Now I feel comfortable and have solved my storage problem, I’ll get on with things much more.”

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