Self storage in 4 easy steps

Are you new to self storage? Need some extra space but do not know where to start?
The guide below will take you through the self storage process in as little as 4 simple steps.

Reserving your unit is always free. And fast!

  • Reserve online now to secure your storage unit and the discounted price.
  • When you reserve a unit, we guarantee you the availability of the selected unit.
  • We will also hold the price and any promotion for you for 3 days from the reservation date.
  • The only information we ask for is your name, email address and telephone number. We never ask for a credit card.
  • There's absolutely no cost when making your reservation.
  • There's no obligation and you can change or cancel your reservation at any time.

Changes and cancelations

  • You can make unit size and location changes at any time by calling our free phone number 0800 368 0420.
  • Change your move-in date if you need more time to pack, or cancel your reservation and start over again when you're ready.

It's always in your control, and it's always free.

Your reservation confirmation and next steps

  • After reserving a unit, you will receive an email confirming your reservation details.
  • Your store manager will also call to confirm your reservation and answer any questions you may have.
  • To learn more about your move-in day and what to expect next, be sure to visit Step 4: Moving In.

Or, if you still have questions, call a reservation specialist at 0800 368 0420. You can also stop by any Shurgard location to reserve in person.

Have you made your reservation? The next step would be to pack up your belongings. Shurgard can help you with our moving boxes and packing materials. Don't forget to check out our expert tips on packing and storing.

Are you ready to start?
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