Self storage in 4 easy steps

Are you new to self storage? Need some extra space but do not know where to start?
The guide below will take you through the self storage process in as little as 4 simple steps.

The key to a successful move is preparation

The following pages contain a number of moving, packing, self-storage tips from our experts. You can also download and print them for easy reference:

Make sure you have plenty of packing materials. You will need:

  • Boxes: find a full range of sizes to match any need and maximize the space within your unit. Our wardrobe boxes and extra-large boxes can be particularly handy.
  • Packing supplies: stress less and pack faster by having the proper moving supplies — such as bubble wrap, glass dividers, mattress bags and dust covers - on hand, and plenty of them for the best results.
  • Tape: using high-grade tape with excellent adhesion pays off when it comes to keeping your boxes sealed. And don't underestimate how much you'll need — tape can disappear quickly!

Are you all packed up? Then there's only one more step to go. Bring your belongings to the store, sign a simple contract and move in. Voila, done!

Eager to get going?
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